Our Christmas Card

December 22, 2013 in Children, Families by Emily

I just want to wish you a peaceful Christmas and new year! We managed to finally get some lovely family photos in early November, when a friend graciously offered to take pictures for us when we planned a photo shoot together. Family photos of us are a very rare treat, and we actually got some this time. I love them! Thank you my friend and neighbor Sofija Burton. She blogs about family, homeschooling, and her interest in child fashion at: www.teachwhereyoulive.com   After we got home, I took some photos of the kids in front of our blue front door and then added several other photos to create the card.


While life isn’t perfect, we all struggle with different things in our lives, and we face sadness and loss, I believe we can find and treasure beauty, love, and joy in little things day by day. May you find a little joy today.





And one last one that didn’t make it into the card, but which I also love, as my four year old heads out, fully believing she can handle the large puppy!