impromptu with hoods

December 29, 2013 in Children by Emily

My mom crafted some lovely hoods for the girls for Christmas. They are of a green and blue plaid wool material. She also made a very sweet little hood out of a blanket we had growing up. I just love the textures and patterns. When my two oldest donned blue and green plaid dresses today, I asked them to quick go outside so I could get a picture of them. My youngest grabbed the pink and white hood and joined in. Her bare legs and feet look a little out of place with the winter theme!

I also wanted to capture some monotone images of their faces – capturing expression, texture, freckles. My oldest thought it an opportunity to sing a favorite Christmas carol, so I just went along with the idea. I always desire to capture the human spirit, which to me, is deep, indomitable, full of hope.