November 15, 2013 in Ramblings, storyboard by Emily

Let me share a little project we took on as a family recently: chickens. We bought day old chicks in August, which we raised in a curtained off closet in the house until I finished building the chicken pen and coop (my project in September, with some help from my husband when he had time). Our neighbors had started a year or so ago, with one rooster chicken, and begun a little mini chicken house before the coyotes got to the rooster in broad daylight. It was a sad day. They graciously let us have what they had started building, and so I worked from that. My father in law visited in early September and helped me get started on thinking through and getting the framing of the house up. And then I worked whenever I had a spare minute. I’m content with our creation, having worked with a beginning of a little building, expanding, adding nesting boxes, and building a good pen around it. We painted it to match the trim and eves of our house, with leftover paint. Of course, we will see if any tweaking is needed as we go. And now we wait for the chickens to get big enough to start laying!

The kids, and especially my son, have taken great joy in the chicks. My son spends a great deal of time just sitting with them and holding them in his lap. Our dog has also taken an intense interest in them! Needless to say, we do not allow her to get to them. And she has to be content staring at them through the fence.

As a family we like a challenge. And we like animals. We believe in caring for and treating animals with respect. Why did we add chickens at this point in time? We’ve been wanting to, so why not?