I live with my family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My husband and I have four children who bless us and challenge us daily. We also have numerous pets, and hobbies, and I take Irish Dancing with my children! My husband and I keep a blog chronicling our pursuits in improving education: www.educationreimagined.org.

I spent my childhood years with very little in the woods of northwest Montana. Growing up I watched my artist parents not only struggle to make ends meet, but also to work with what we had to create a better life, to create art, to write, and also to share with those who came into our lives.

This has influenced how I view my own life (I believe we are caretakers of our world and I apply that concern to all levels of life), and also to how I work creatively. When I photograph, I keep learning how to use the elements available to create something beautiful. While I have learned a lot about controlling light in a studio setting, and use it at times, I feel I am most creative when I take my reflectors and camera and walk into a natural situation and work with what is available. My mother gave me an appreciation of the little things. My father gave me a view of the big picture, the outline. I like to think I use both of these when I am creating images.

As of July 2013, I am no longer booking family, infant, or senior photo sessions.

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I have also started a personal blog at silencepeace.wordpress.com

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